The collection personifies the heady, lighthearted and sometimes vulnerable emotions associated with the union of two people, albeit lovers, friends, or family. These designs are a little more revealing mixed with flirty gathers and ruffles giving a sensual feel to the individual pieces. “’The Union’ takes place right before the starry-eyed phase of enchantment. It’s indicative of putting yourself out there, wearing your heart on your sleeve, and having an open-mind. The prevalence of dark and neutral striped fabrics signifies the hard and soft contrast of the individuals’ selves prior to meeting versus the gearing up for potential love. The signature piece in this collection is the “Secret Garden Dress”, dark gray and natural striped linen with a small peephole above the stomach and below the chest, this voluminous, tightly gathered fairy tale dress perfectly captures the bold playfulness of the union phase. For Love Brigade’s man, a new fit of their classic Danger Pants, safe yet stylish cut-and-sew garments, and cohesive graphic tshirt groups are to be expected.


Director//L.Gustavo Cooper

Director Photography//Maury Covington Jr.

Music//Brian Jerin