This Frontier Needs Heroes/// 2012

The new video for 2012 by This Frontier Needs Heroes, out now on People in a Position to Know Records.

Directed by L. Gustavo Cooper in partnership with TFNH and DVA Productions, this video is an apocalyptic vision with a hopeful twist.

Directors Note: What if you got a second chance? What if the moment your life changed you were allowed to discover something that could allow that? Sometimes when something tragic happens to us we lose the will to have faith. We all need something to believe in when the time is right. This is the story of a little boy who found a way to believe again.

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Limited Edition Hand Made Pyramid Shaped 8 in

Artist /// This Frontier Needs Heroes
Song/// 2012

Executive Producer/// Jonathan Shepard
Producer/// Elise Courson 
Writer/// Director/// L. Gustavo Cooper 
Director Of Photography/// Britt McTammany 
Editor/// L. Gustavo Cooper
Sound Engineer/// Andrew A. Avitabile
Composting and SPX//// Andrew Wilkins///Kyler Alford///Britt McTammany 
Props /// Emily Moody// Brian Fyce 
Costume/// Emily Moody
Gapher/// Sean Shea 
Colorist/// Sean Shea/// Britt McTammany